MTU Gas Gensets

MTU Gas Engine Generator Sets
Descriptions of MTU Gas Generator Set:
1.Diesel engine configuration: alloy cast iron crankcase, replaceable cylinder liner, high efficient plate cooler etc.
2. Adopt split-flow circulating cooling, three-wall water-cooled heat insulation exhaust pipe, integrated attachment, and standard interface
3. State-of-the-art technology: lean burn, single-point injection, A/F ratio closed-loop control
4. Small size, light weight, long life span
5. Can be fueled by natural gas, coal-mine gas, coal gas, methane etc.

Applications of MTU Gas Generator Set:
This kind of CNG genset is widely used wherever gas can be gained at a reasonable cost, such as oil fields and gas fields.

Gas Generator Genset
Power COP.(KW) 630 1280 Rated power COP.(Kw) 550 1100
Speed(r/min) 150 Rated frequency(Hz) 50
CRAMLOMG motor (kw/24VDC) 9 15 Rated voltage(V) 400/200
Oil consumpion of rated power(g/kw.h) <1.5 Rated current(A) 992 1983
Cylinder 8 16 Adjusting rate of voltage in stable state ?à5%
Bore(mm) 165 Fluctuating rate of voltage(%) 1.5
Stock(mm) 185 voltage regulation time(S) 2
DISPLACEMENT(L) 31.7 63.36 Adjusting rate of voltage in transient state (%) ?€25,-20
Compression rate 11:1 Adjusting rate of frequency in stable state ?à8(%)
Average effective pressure(Mpa) 1.6 Adjusting rate of frequency in transient state(%) ?à18
Gas consumption rate(M3/h) 175 350 Fluctuating rate of frequency 2(%)
?? ?? ?? Stable time of frequency 15S
?? ?? ?? Genset size(LxWxH) ca.4856?á1543?á2100
?? ?? ?? Weight(kg) ca.4800 ca.11300
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