Valve Train System

DPS offers various international brands complete line of Valve Train System

Valve train system related parts of DPS consist of Engine Valve, Valve seat , valve guide. Through our joint venture factory, Now DPS are the only few manufacturers in China which able to supply engine valve and powder metallurgy seat together.

We are capable to produce 15 million pieces valve seat and 20 million pieces of engine valve annually. Now, our products are supplying to many famous engine factories in domestic and international market.

Product Description for Valve Train System

Technical Specification

Material Austenitic and Martensitic steel
Manufacturing process Upset forging
Friction welding
Heat treatment
Stellite depositing
Machining grinding
Manufacturing structure  Mono-metal; Bimetal( tip-wafer and mid-welding); Tri-metal
Head diameter 20 mm - 100 mm 
Stem diameter 4 mm - 20 mm 
Total length  30 mm - 300 mm 
Technology Hard chrome plated; Salt bath nitrided; seat & tip stellited
Friction welding; swirl polish; sliver shot blast
Moulding grinding; Seat hardfacing stress relief

Commercial  specification

Product range  more than 10000 types valves cover most of engine
Development 20 days according to samples / drawings 
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