Portable & Mobile Gensets

Portable, Mobile, Trailer and Canopy Generator Sets(Gensets)

DPS provides the international technical standard portable, mobile, trailer and canopy generator sets range from 15GT, 20GT, 30GT, 50GT, 75GT, 90GT, 110GT, 150GT, 200GT, 250GT, 300GT, 400GT, 500GT etc varieties. The customer can custom Germany Deutz, America Cummins, British Perkins etc brand of diesel engine, and so alse can custom original British Stanford, French Renault, Siemens etc brand of alternator.

Features of Portable, Mobile, Trailer and Canopy Generator Sets(Gensets):

  • The flexible, convenient traction traction pole.
  • Unique manual, pressure, hydraulic brake traction remain safe and reliable.
  • Aluminum or steel container shells, ensure that the genset didn't wind erosion.
  • 30 meters wide main cable ensure users, long-distance transmission.
  • Main cables, users convenient shortcut plug quickly output power.
  • Daily tank for full operation of hydropower guarantee 8 hours.
  • Manual or hydraulic support legs, but long stable support the weight of the trailer hydropower station.
  • Select the automatic charger, but in the power line when not in use, for power station battery charging for automatic.
Descriptions of Portable, Mobile, Trailer and Canopy Generator Sets(Gensets):
  • Besides soundproof functions, this kind of diesel generator set also equips many devices, including steel spring suspension structure, adjustable bolt-type traction frame.
  • In addition, four corners of the frame adopt mechanical support devices, equipped with inertia brake, mechanical parking brake and disengage emergency brake.
  • Chassis can be made-to-order.
Applications of Trailer Portable, Mobile, Trailer and Canopy Generator Sets(Gensets):
This generator set is widely applied for mobile operations, maintenance work, and emergency power supply for rescue and relief work etc.
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