BGI Natural Gas Series

CUMMINS BGI Natural Gas Series Engine Used in Vehicle
  • Ultra-low certified to U.S. EPA 2004 and Euro III.
  • Build on the rugged, reliable design of Cummins diesel engines,particularly the venerable Cummins B Series.
  • Cummins closed-loop electronic control system for cleaner combustion and uncompromising performance.
  • Charge air cooling is utilized to reduce emissions by lowering intake manifold air pressures.
  • Electronic Control Module (ECM) provides full monitoring of engine sensors and control of fuel system and ignition system. Full interface capability to Cummins INSITETM. and QuickCheck diagnostic service tools provides OEMs and end users with the ability to tailor performance of the engine to fit the mission.
Engine Model Maximum Power(KW) Peak Torque(N.m) Rated Speed(Rpm) Certification
BGe150-30 112 508 2800 U.S.EPA 2004,Euro III
BGe195-31 145 570 2800 U.S.EPA 2004,Euro III
BGe230-31 172 678 2800 U.S.EPA 2004,Euro III
B5.9-150G 112 508 2500 Euro II
B5.9-195G 145 569 2800 Euro II
B5.9-230G 172 678 2800 Euro II
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